After all, I thought you'd change. But I've always been the same naïve girl, When it comes to love. I always thought that the more of this by and by you, would you do the same for me; If I gave you love, affection, whether to hug you tight when most needed, to show everyone how much I love you, that would simply return the same amount, or who knows, the fold. But that did not happen and in the end it was my heart that got hurt, once again.

I believed every word out of your mouth, believe every promise, in each swears, But it was all an illusion, in the blink of an eye, without thinking about the consequences of your actions, without thinking of how I'd be hurt, how much desiludias me and how much I derrubavas, morning after morning, night after night, day after day.

But it was the least, After all, How many times have I warned of the consequence that, Ironically, a day later fell all over you?
How many times have I asked, almost on his knees, to stop?
How many times have I asked you to think, then Yes, Act?
How many times have I asked you to be honest with me?
How many times have I asked, with tears in his eyes, to change your?

I could go on, and continue with all the other requests that you did and you swore to me that "this time, would be different "but not worth it, because in reality it was all my fault for believing in you, These bright eyes that seemed to be sincere, those lips that I couldn't resist and these hands that I skipped a beat when played on my body, on my face.

Do Not, don't worry because I don't have any intentions to pin anything and do not write to make you the "bad guy" and I "nice", just write because maybe for written words, see the intense feelings that you and causes me to, still causes me.
It's amazing how after all, my heart still beats when I hear your name, When I see you, When they talk to you quietly, When I hear the walls of my room screaming softly by your name, by your presence, for your perfume and even this deodorant in that the smell was so intense we had to always open the bedroom window to the smell disappear from that Division.
Do Not, I regret nothing. I don't regret split bed with you, every day you wake up with kissing and cuddling, We have seen all those movies and fat eating all those plastic crap, He left you for lunch or dinner, the months passed and the people celebrate always our date. But believe, also I'm not sorry to see you go, with suitcases in hand and with the cushion between them. And do you know why I don't regret? Because after all these years, by your side, I know I was the best person I could ever have been for someone, the best girlfriend you will ever have and the best friend that you will try to find but you will never have.

Forgave each broken promise, forgive him every excuse given, I have forgiven everything there was to forgive-but, Ironically who put a stop to this all, It's you and only you. I confess that at first it hurt, I had weeks without food, without wanting to get out of bed and that leaving, each step he took, was the guy who'd come to mind, was your presence, was your mood, was your bad temper, was this heat we were transmitting me to pop into my head. But now I can smile, I can understand why I have been so naive, as a child and as an adult at the same time, I can understand why forgive you day after day, I can understand why I changed so much about you, because I loved you. Yes loved, of truth, and Yes, the use of the term, in the past.

Today I can look back and I can only laugh at this whole situation.
Laughing at you, us and especially me. By running behind you, hoping to be all real for just loving you. The figures for just loving you. By suffering for just loving you. For what passed for just loving you.

Baby, Thanks, Thanks for the lesson you gave me. You taught me a lot, and this I owe you.
You taught me to not crawl before anyone or anything.
You taught me to give me value.
You taught me that nothing and no one can decide for me.
You taught me how to be cooler, but at the same time more adult.
You taught me how to live without your love and the best yet, to survive.

But if you ever think of back, the door is locked and the key has been broken and the pieces of it managed to shape a new "I".
An "I" that does not require you to be happy.
An "I" who managed to follow his life.
An "I" who became a woman, and it's not just any woman, but a woman of claws, cold, disappointed, but no one else can lay low!

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