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Bernardina Pregnant again??!?!?!?!

Bernardina Gravida de novo

In recent days the fifth contestant, Bernardina, It has been a bit unwell and reportedly it will be late period. In the next video we can see Angelica competitors, Bernardina and Alexandra to speak on this subject. Bernardina may be pregnant again #aquinta — The Fifth (@AQuintaTVI) 7 March 2016

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Bernardina speaks ill of production because of its pictures!!!

Bernardina fala mal da producao devido as suas imagens!!!

After another Gala, concurrent Bernardina made several critical with the program production because of the images they choose to spend! Bernardina says that images benefit the competitor Tiago Ginga. Here's the moment she complains and gets to be badly created with the program production. Bernardina cries and is angry with …

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"The Farm": Gisela Serrano is already causing "havoc"

The losing audience to "The Voice" (RTP), the production of the reality show TVI bet on controversial figures to inhabit the Mafra. Gisela Serrano, which became known for participating in "Masterplan" (SIC), entered as "mistress" and as you would ever hope began to wreak havoc. Hours after he stepped on first to fifth, Gisela not …

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Carlos Costa: “With prostitution do not know who, I did not go… but if inviting me may be that one of these days we think of the case!” (video)

Carlos Costa prostituto? Carlos Costa said he recently left a magazine in which he stated that this is prostitute in Guimarães, former competitor denies and explains everything! See the video below:   Says outspoken doing nothing of it and that his life is to sing, also asks you to take a look at her new video:  

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Teresa Guilherme threatens to leave 'Quinta’

Presenter is at war with Moniz. “I think José Eduardo Moniz's old enough to have judgment.” This is the reaction of Teresa Guilherme to TVI consultant of the words, Wednesday, after the news that the host would have cried at the end of Sunday's gala Quinta, frustrated with the reality show audience, disse que as lágrimas …

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Gonçalo Quinaz makes the list of “quickies” Erica Silva!!!!!

Gonçalo Quinaz also part of Erica Erica Silva Silva fishing net joined the Quinta to be the new boss and promises plenty of explosion inside. In an interview with Gonçalo, the young Madeira showed great intimacy with the competitor. They spoke of the past by “mincing words” and he said he was glad the former competitor of House of Secrets …

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