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“I love you so did I insult “Larama leaves message of farewell to colleagues!!! (video)

Let Larama exciting message to colleagues wishing them happiness, Although the Angolan contestant demonstrate sometimes be explosive and irritating, in this message let his affection for colleagues mainly with Angelica, said that he insulted and annoyed because he liked her a lot. Larama let loving message to colleagues and emociona Angelica Competitors talk about the message of …

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Luna Vambano is the new competitor of the fifth!!!

      Luna Vambano is winner of BB2 Angola and is the new competitor of the fifth! Luna Vambano has 23 years and is personal trainer. Lives in Luanda and was the winner of Big Brother Angola 2. Is capable of the craziest things for love, defining itself as “sweet and bitter”. I'd never been to Portugal until his entry’ The …

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Larama expelled of the fifth

Larama out of the farm with 58% voting time!!! It's been a long time since the Portuguese wanted Larama off Thursday due to poor education and lack of respect for colleagues, yesterday this satisfaction was held: Larama was expelled of the fifth 58% of votes, Carlos Costa was not far behind. Wasn't satisfied nor dissatisfied, the Angolan contestant …

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