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Yesterday ran an African Party at Fifth and things got heated between competitors, Carlos Costa gave a gay kiss on Peter… even in full on the MOUTH!!!!!! Larama and Sara Norte, After various discussions seem to have been friends, kissed and enjoyed the colleagues. “Tonight you sleep in my bed?“, played the winner of Big Brother Angola. When …

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If you go on like this any day there are deaths in the fifth!!!!! (video)

The Fifth

According To Ricardo Azevedo, any day there is no deaths’ The fifth because we're still in the second week and already there are discussions of the heavy. Commented on CMTV and says that Roman and Santiago are doing is game and already made this type of game before in other reality shows.   DISCUSSIONS, AGGRESSION AND RUDENESS N FIFTH …

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Roman husband reacts to ' romance’ the companion and Santiago Romero

PEDRO ZARCOS TRUST ROMANA for over 12 years alongside Romana, Pedro Zarcos has followed ' the farm ' and guarantees not to see problem in the proximity between the partner and Santiago Romero. “Romana is a very loving person, Kisser, who likes to support others, in the background, to be the shoulder”, says, assuming “Trust” on mother …

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BOOOOMBA: Reuben betrayed Sofia Ribeiro cross with ... Merche Romero

  Reuben of the cross have jumped the fence several times.. one of them with Merche Romero!   Is advanced today in TV7Dias that the Reuben of the cross has been wrapped with Merche Romero when he still was dating the actress Sofia Ribeiro. Who guarantees is a source close to the former couple, and was this the reason …

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Merche Romero demanded to take the brother, Santiago Romero pr’ The Fifth

  Merche and Santiago Romero are two of the 12 famous are the Fifth the two brothers decided to embark on this adventure and enter the ' fifth ' most watched in Portugal. Santiago de 30 years is dummy and just entered the rurality show thanks to the request of sister, Merche Romero who made sure that his family entered in the program.      

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Santiago cry worse than baby because of Merche!

Santiago cries for real because of the discussion with the sister, Gonçalo gives you support and ask him to stop crying and for him not to be so. It was a moment of sadness, the contestant was really falling apart. Say you've regretted coming to Portugal that he would rather have been alone. There were more than 10 minutes of intense crying. Santiago melts in …

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