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Brothers Romero discuss ugly because of Romana!!!

After the gala, Merche Romero discusses with the ugly brother and in Spanish, and I all appearances seems to be because of being very lately for this Roman close to him!   After discussion Merche Romero collapses in tears and Reuben supports cross-. ' How did he do this to me?» This is one of the questions that Merche …

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Who's the new competitor of the fifth?

Paulo Freitas do Amaral was expelled, but the fifth won a new competitor! On a night of thrills, several were the guys enter the House, one of which is a new competitor. The new competitor presents himself to the Group and says he wants to be a nurse.     Who is Agnes?   Loves fashion, clothes and shopping. Currently with …

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Santiago Romero talks about his relationship with Carlos!

  Carlos Costa for grief, Santiago Romero doesn't feel anything besides a special affection and a beautiful friendship for him. The brother of Merche Romero punched with Liliana Aguiar and Roman who lived 5 years in Chueca and that very convivia with homosexuals, Hence its nature in dealing with the situation and socialize a lot with Carlos: …

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2º the fifth Gala: Expulsion, new competitor and more surprises!

  The second Gala started with the presence of Jose Garden, This goes to the farm to be the boss and is immune, cannot be named, Enter as a guest and not as contestant. Jose named Angelica and Merche Romero for foremen. Liliana, the contestant kicked out was present and was thrilled with the program even off the Farm.     …

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Larama sorry joke with Liliana!

Larama arrependido

It's been almost a week since the Liliana assault the Larama n'a Thursday. The contestant was expelled because he spent the gone crazy and verbally and physically assaulted Larama. Today in conversation with colleagues, Larama said sorry with the event, do you regret the bad joke because you never thought Mrs were reacting that way. Nowadays …

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We already know that Carlos Costa has already confessed to colleagues who are in love with a boy on ' House ', We already know that it is and we have all seen that the Santiago 2 I've exchanged a few romantic moments. The last time Carlos was melting in tears because of impossible love.. Some say it's tape and theater, others continue to give some …

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Larama gives advice to colleagues!

Talk about game strategies continue and finish even for talking about Larama relationship you had in the previous reality show.   Larama says there are fake people with rotten face “She contributed often for my victory”   Larama speaks of ex- companion of Big Brother Angola, Sandra learn more (Click here) about the past …

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“Romana is Laura!”

Larama confessed to Merche Romero and knew some Roman Roman: a neighbor and the press… but they were good people while Romana was bad: “I don't know how you're so naughty” He said, and then hummed “Romana is Laura“.   “Romana is Laura!” sang Larama Meanwhile, Romana teaches you how to make bread …

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