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“Tomorrow you eat shit” – Learn how was your first Journal d’ The Fifth

The first daily d’ The fifth had images of high voltage, find out everything that happened in this rainy day.     Held today the first daily d’ The fifth presented by Leonor Poeiras and Sebastian, the most beloved donkey of Portugal! Eleanor spoke of the tasks that the competitors have already done and made a visit to the Farm direct. Today the …

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The hell-raiser Liliana says that disgust of Carlos!

    Who is Liliana? Liliana-Solicitor student, has 23 years old and from Guimarães. Don't like serious relationships and so doesn't have a boyfriend. It's very impulsive and doesn't take shit home. It is considered too outgoing and says or love or hate. Have you ever worked in a coffee shop but quit because it discussed with colleagues …

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Sara North comments that friends turned his back!

Sara norte

Sara North comments with colleagues who lost everything Sara North comments that for a year and four months received no letter from friends, received from unknown persons and that friends turned his back. Comments that when he left the prison called the 20 people and only one reached out her, is unemployed for 8 months, had …

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Carlos Costa reached the Fifth to rock Crown!

  Entered on Thursday, Crown, extravagant and spreading smiles and curiosity all over! The colleagues (as the public) didn't they stop noticing the side “more fun” Carlos dropping a few laughs and even called “Queen of the night”. Larama couldn't help flirting with CC help take your hat of …

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Who are the competitors of’ The Fifth?

Competitors of the fifth Angelica – With Brazilian descent this Algarve identifies more with the Brazilians than with the Portuguese for their relaxation and disinhibition. Works in a Club, but, If you could choose, It would be because the animals veterinary more sincere than men. It is assumed a needy person, who never stay alone too long but at this time …

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Were revealed 12 potential competitors (d)’ The Fifth ! UNPUBLISHED PHOTOS!

Revelations (d)’ The Quinta about some competitors! The new reality show from Queluz de Baixo has official debut scheduled for next Saturday, day 3 of October. Will be on the eve of Legislative Elections which the presenter Teresa Guilherme will return to the screen of TVI to present “The Fifth“. Will be in a rural setting that famous and anonymous …

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