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You don't know the secrets that TVI revealed of the fifth!

Secrets revealed of the fifth!   There have been leaks about the new tv show “Quinta das Celebrities“, important information value…. do not, Nobody stole, It was published by own TVI. It's purely commercial information, algumas curiosidades sobre o programa. It is not a crime, quite the opposite is of public interest! Clique aqui e saiba tudo sobre este programa, up to …

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BEEF – Maya hits Julia Pinheiro! (video)

BEEF – Maya verbally assaults Júlia Pinheiro!   The program Flash Lives been pretty hectic. the commentators talked about a Flash news from TV Guide magazine. The taróloga and commentator Maya did criticize painful to Júlia Pinheiro, and if you think that was a little criticism you're wrong… It was same for pumping!!!! Unsurprisingly the two Portuguese television presenters …

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