Lamborghini Reventon

Lamborghini Reventon – How it works

Lamborghini Reventon – How it works

If you enjoy cars, and is not indifferent to a V12 sound then the Lamborghini Reventon was for himself without getting noticed!

Any Lamborghini is rare, but the Reventon still takes the word “rare” plus the letter because there are only 20 units worldwide!


Its design was inspired by two planes, but not two planes at random, but an F-15 and an F / A-22 Raptor giving it a unique design in the automotive industry, the interior was inspired by these two fighters of the Air Force! The design resembles a arrow, cutting the wind with its well-honed edge, and very precise, because to have a top speed of 300km / h and an acceleration of 0 the 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds, as you can see not ashamed of the strength of fighters aerial!

The price ? No relevant, only 1.4 million euros!

Let us now analyze the Reventon in a more technical way but equally fascinating!

The Reventon contrary to what you might think is not a brand new Lamborghini root, part of its structure comes from the Murcielago LP640 Lamborghini, this small detail caused some fuss among the brand's enthusiasts, according to them the Reventon was just a cosmetic work on the body of the Murcielago and not an entirely new product to do justice to its unique design and distinctive features, having just been added superfluous accessories. But does the Murcielago is the poor cousin of the Reventon ? Not seem.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

The heart of the Reventon is a V12 com uns estonteantes 6450 horsepower, Numbers something similar to the Murcielago. But then what does the Reventon (besides the clear exclusivity) worth as much money compared to the Murcielago ?

The exterior design with the hood-shaped arrow and the most slender and sharp air intakes give the Reventon one ostentatious image very similar to a game and although it has almost the same dimensions as the Murcielado can easily stand out from the latter with its boldness.


The large air intakes are not a superfluous element, It is necessary to cool the giant carbon discs and six-piston calipers with, thus ensuring an extremely strong braking power! The arrow-shaped hood is made of a composite of fiberglass and carbon composite bodywork (CFC) ensuring low weight and a decent robustness registration.


One of the novelties in the Reventon is the lighting system, It is equipped with Xenon headlights and dual LEDs for the signage and emergency lights, but the big news is in the rear LEDs, These LEDs that are close to the exhaust system that can heat up to 120 ° C, causing the Lamborghini developed a LEDS never seen before because they are able to withstand the high temperatures emanating from the exhaust system without any problem, something innovative at the time.


As you can see the Reventon is a super car seat in the details, and throughout the article are beginning to realize that distinguishes and differentiates the Murcielago.

If ever flown in a fighter but if you have the opportunity to enter a Reventon so get ready for the experience will be similar, after opening the door with the famous opening scissor and sit inside it will be faced with an almost war scenario and will feel within a game, or perhaps an Air Force pilot! This because much of the interior have the color “verde olova” contributing to this almost military sense!

The dials of the Reventon are TFT and Liquid Crystal, exactly the same as an LCD TV and unsurprisingly those used for aviation, these displays that are integrated in one piece carved aluminum perfectly. With such advanced technology would expect some more innovation, something unique and striking, as a gauge G forces… And that's exactly what Lamborghini did, introduced a meter G forces, tanto longitudinal (measures the G forces in acceleration and braking) as well as lateral (measures the lateral G's forces while taking a curve for example), another of the characteristics that lead to inspiration of the fighters the letter by the Lamborghini!

mostradores-do-Lamborghini Reventon

After this analysis can ask, Lamborghini Reventon the worth so much money compared to the Murcielago ? Well I have the answer, It will depend on the taste of each, but sure for an aircraft pilot will be worth, as well as for those looking for a unique car, with extraordinary innovations and performances worthy of respect!

When the Reventon was presented in 2007 was critical of the environmental footprint that 20 Reventons would cause the world, it completely ignored environmental agreements force the release date, but a Lamborghini that's right, an eccentric drive, stripped of prejudice and willing to differentiate, and that the Reventon got an incredibly easy way.

Lamborghini Reventon

Curiosity: The Lamborghini Reventon continued the tradition to give their cars named after famous bulls, often names of bulls finaram their own bullfighters in the arena! The Reventon name belonged to a bull that killed his bullfighter Felix Guzman em 1943. The name Reventon has another meaning, in Spanish means “explosion”, word rests like a glove in Reventon!

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