Lamborghini Super Sport

Lamborghini Super Sport

When we talk about Italian cars what brand they remember soon ? Ferrari ? Lamborghini ? Exactly, Let's talk about super sport Lamborghini!

Lamborghini-logo Super desportivos da Lamborghini

When looking at many critic the Lamborghini is not on the same level as the Ferrari, but it's not that you want to, because there are two tags with opposing philosophies and both are the best exercises for what commitment!

The historical account that Ferrucio Lamborghini, a tractors extremely wealthy had bought a Ferrari, life couldn't be better, but apparently the Ferrari that Ferrucio bought wasn't the best example of reliability, giving constant problems in clutch. Enzo Ferrari faced with problem ignored the, leaving Ferrucio resentful for such behavior, coming out of this meeting with a purpose, build a car that could equal any Ferrari. Up to this point the Lamborghini did not yet exist as we know it today, but as a brand of tractors.

The first work of Ferrucio emerged, in 1964…

The Lamborghini GT 350 was a GT slim line, with seating for two occupants and a resounding V12 developed by Giotto 1968 Bizzarrini, who curiously had worked at Ferrari. With this first approach the Lamborghini joins the race, but it was in 1966 When Ferrucio presented the Lamborghini Miura that the world saw the car that even today is considered as “the first super car”. A milestone in automotive industry at the time.

Lamborghini GT 350

The creations continue and soon 1968 Ferrucio introduces the Lamborghini Espada, maintaining the success of the brand, and continued the success of the Lamborghini Islero and the Lamborghini Jarama, that were considered high luxury models in the years 70. However, and in the midst of so much success not everything ran on wheels, and the Lamborghini Urraco and the Lamborghini Silhouette of that year did not have the success they hoped Ferrucio.

To highlight that during his lifetime the Lamborghini was never financially solid, and faced many setbacks, so with the uptake of Lamborghini Urraco and the Lamborghini Silhouette the Lamborghini had to work hard and come out victorious!

This victory was born with the name of Lamborghini Countach, already in 1974, with a powerful motor and central devoid of commitments to achieve its objectives, pure performance!



The Lamborghini Countach made Ferrari feel the competitive pressure, something for which Ferrucio Lamborghini worked years!

Let us now examine some of the masterpieces of Lamborghini, starting with the first Lamborghini of all, the 350 GT.

As had been the best owner Ferrucio sports cars of the time knew well what the targets to shoot down, and what are the standards that had to overcome to Excel.

Started by investing in a factory, situated in Santa Agata, near Modena, then hired specialists in various areas, including Giotto 1968 Bizzarrini a respected engineer who promptly you developed a V12 engine. Ferrucio was committed to building the best sports car possible, preferably all developed by his team that had just hired.


Were built 13 Lamborghinis 350 GT, but as the word spread about the performance of the V12 and its unique performance demand increased rapidly, increasing the volume of production for 120 units, having in the middle of these existed some special variants.

The Lamborghini was promising, specialty magazines arrived even alerting the Ferrari with colorful titles that Lamborghini had infuriated the bull more than ever!

The Lamborghini was also the mother of the true super car, introducing the Miura, having made his first appearance to the world 1965, still without a name and with a chassis practically naked and later in 1966 with a Marecello body Gandini, Bertone designer leaving the automobile world in fleas!

Lamborghini  Miura
Lamborghini Miura

Housing a V12 with 350CV substation capable of benefits worthy of record. Was known for being stuffy, with a small passenger compartment and a stiff gearbox, but their dynamic capabilities did forget any one of these problems, or say, details ending an engine with 385CV in Miura SV that smartly kept practically the same bodywork.

Ferrucio's dream had been achieved with the Miura, but this was not content, and continued to evolve, evolution this Lamborghini Countach, presented in 1971 had a drawing as never seen before, Some proportions difficult to understand but catchy at the same time taking the limits even further! The Lamborghini Countach presented innovative solutions, as a tubular chassis that supported a bodywork in aluminium without any load. The British magazine “Cars” wrote in one of your edits “The Lamborghini Countach breathe pure aggression by every pore”. The Lamborghini Countach was faster and more effective than the Miura, but on the other hand demanded that the driver surrender body and soul to driving!

The doors had a vertical opening, and to enter was needed some acrobatics. Several magazine covers were covered with the muscular body of the Countach and not missing him praise!


The last edition of the Lamborghini Countach had a V12 of 455CV substation and overwhelming benefits, in the exercise of 0 the 100 Km/h in 4.8 seconds! An impressive brand! Even more impressive was his top speed of 293Km/h. As you can see the Lamborghini Countach came to make a difference, but I needed a replacement, that would have an even more arduous work, because the world was changing rapidly… This replacement appeared, its name Diablo!

The Diablo had the ungrateful task of raising the standards of safety, Download the emissions, introduce better build quality and still be exciting and addictive driving! As it should be, managed!

The Diablo was a GT with an ability to deal with different requirements of outstanding, and Ferrucio knew it!

It was bigger, wider, heavier, more powerful, but sophisticated, more efficient (It was still a colossus), more aerodynamic, in a very simple, was more all, and with a speed of 350 km/h was the fastest car in the world 1990, date of launch! Impressed ? I don't think so …


The design has been aided by the Chrysler who provided help in its development, as the design by computer, as well as the mixture of aluminium body, steel and composite materials, having the chassis of Lamborghini Countach showing incredible results in crash tests worldwide.

The Diablo had a V12 with 48 longitudinal valves, with 5.7 litres of capacity and a staggering 485CV substation.

In 1990 the Diablo cost 220 thousand dollars, in 1993 was presented the Diablo VT with 492CV substation with a price of 239 thousand dollars, in 1994 Lamborghini released a special line for the Diablo VT bringing power to a stunning 525CV and up your price for 257 thousand dollars. Also in 1994 the Lamborghini Diablo Roadster started to make the, the world's fastest convertible with a removable roof done in carbon fiber, still in 1994 Chrysler sold Lamborghini to MegaTech Ltd an Indonesia company willing to maintain the Lamborghini alive, going on even a successor planned, but the MegaTech Ltd lost interest and sold the Lamborghini Audi in 1998.

Diablo Roadster
Diablo Roadster

The Diablo continued to be produced by the year 2000, When it was replaced by the Murcielago.

After being acquired by Audi Lamborghini jumped glaring in quality, introducing the Gallardo, Reventon and more recently the Lamborghini Aventador with a V12 that delivers nothing less than 700 HP power, still in 2015 the Lamborghini to the Huracan, replacement for Gallardo, I like all their predecessors is already in the mouth of the world by its outstanding performance.

Super desportivos da Lamborghini Gallardo
Super desportivos da Lamborghini Lamborghini Reventon
Super desportivos da Lamborghini Aventador

To highlight that the Lamborghini never looked so healthy financially and never sold so many cars like now, all thanks to investment from Audi in Lamborghini.

Super desportivos da Lamborghini Huracan


Who would have thought common sense German ally Italian passion was going to be a winning formula.

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