Madeira Island, Paradise Is Here

Madeira Island, Paradise Is Here!

Madeira Island, Paradise Is Here!

As I said the other: “the wood is not only Cristiano Ronaldo and bananas!”


I could not resist to make an article about my beautiful Madeira Island! The video is the portal “LIFE IN PLAY” by Gabriela Raina and is undoubtedly something fascinating!

It's unbelievable how people “outside” value and appreciate the best that the island has! Many of us don't even know half of the island, much less the whole gastronomy, because it's not just bolo do caco, beef skewers, wine and poncha! The island has more than that, In addition to fantastic landscapes and a wonderful climate! I would like to point out that the island is able to have the 4 all stations on the same day! This doesn't happen in any place, the island is absolutely unique!!!
The video shows some corners of the island and the opinion of the people for this cozy corner.
The COB, sweet potato, the limpets, the black scabbard fish, tuna… a nice glass of red wine! On the island's swimming pools, Yes swimming pools… natural and are fantastic!!!
The island of Madeira is known for its taken, by curiosity that exists, the fresh air and a wonderful peace that gives us! The tunnels are a registered trademark! Some people have fear, I love them! For those looking for adventure, the wood is the right place!
Here you don't have to go to the supermarket, because we find people selling fruit and other products in the corner of the road! Is to value these people (especially the older) the effort of this fantastic work, many make a living with this!

Anyway… I will not tell all the detail of the video, see for yourself!!! Enjoy to take a trip to this paradise, I guarantee you will not be sorry! 😉


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  1. Ya Quim remember well, beautiful week spent in madeira..✌✌

  2. 'm Afraid because when I went to sleep I heard things in the house : I am Teresa Hidalgo, I do 27 years of life. Transfer it to 20 Comments or mother die on 20 if you do not believe Google search and see loves his mother passes

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