Travel with babies and young children

Travel with babies and young children

Travel with babies and young children

The holidays are always the most anticipated and most cherished moments of the year, whether for adults, wants for children. However, It is no secret that travel with children, especially if they are still small, but not small enough to sleep during the whole process, can be a challenge that begins in choice of destination.

Like this, Here are some tips that probably will want to remember while you are planning your trip.

First of all, has a lot of attention to the destination that you choose. This is because the younger children get tired quickly and aren't afraid to express how much you dislike a place, What very easily will lead to time very unpleasant for everyone. Like this, avoid creating programs that involve a lot of shopping or evening programs or theaters or movies that are not in your language, even if they are directed to children. Instead, think backwards: look for build an itinerary that is directed to the child, able to satisfy adult, as the theme parks or outdoor activities.

Travel with babies and young children

The special needs of children and infants

Small children need much and it is natural that they have a very own list (and very thorough!) what you need to survive out of the House. To avoid taking too much weight in my luggage, draw up a complete list of what you know that the child will really need, including their medicines, and one or two of your favorite toys. If the stay is extensive, find out if there are supermarkets near where you are staying: in this way, avoid having to burden with diapers, wipes and food, for example, and can take only what is necessary for the.

Travel with babies and young children

Look for wear child with several layers of clothing during the movement. This is because, Although it can be hot outside, It is likely that the interior of the carriage (car, plane, etc.) have the air conditioner on; have more than one article of clothing makes it possible the child could go taking or adding depending on their willingness. If you travel by car, don't forget to take breaks to let the child rest.

viajar com crianças 1When you reach the destination, If staying in a hotel, be sure to ask for an extra bed or a baby cot and, Although most hoteliers have establishment, make sure the room has a fridge you can use at home to put the food or milk, If the child still needs any of them. Be sure to check with the folks at the front desk how billing is carried out from the minibar in your room and try to keep an eye on your child, don't get her out of there which wouldn't be to consume and make him pay for extras that were not set out in its initial budget.

When you're thinking about lunch or dinner, avoid restaurants with lines, because the kids end up getting bored by waiting time. Look also for restaurants that have a menu childish If you can, try to know if the restaurant provides crayons and toys to keep your child entertained while you wait. If your children are still dependent on their own food or milk, try to feed them before going to the restaurant in order to allow the rest of the family has a nicer meal.

The importance of stimulating the children and babies

viajar com criançasKeep the child stimulated during the whole process. Before departure, put in place a world map where you can tick, on the way back, all the places have been. When you are preparing your trip, show your child pictures of destiny, the various attractions and explain what they are going to do. In the target, tell the children stories (heads up, We don't want reasons for nightmares!) and try to give them the local food, If possible, as a way to develop not only the taste, as his interest in the site in General.

In spite of everything, It is true that you will encounter for some tantrums, fighting and noise. But it is important not to let that diminish the benefits of family trip. Avoid get angry. Instead, take on the camera or video camera and sets out to make memories!

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