Casal partilha a sua “vida sexual” no Instagram. Saiba porquê…

Vêem as suas fotografias reportadas como inapropriadas no Instagram mas continuam a partilhar imagens da sua vida sexual e amorosa.

Seduction is always the best part, always! I know when I'm in a position of power… I'd just got out of the shower, I walked into my room with one hand holding the towel just so it covered my waist down, the other on the door handle. She was dancing, facing away from me and looking out to the view. I made a point of making the door slam, so that she could hear it over the music, and she did. She turned around and before she could say anything I moved towards her, I covered her mouth with both of my hands, dropped my towel and gently but firmly forced her body up against the wall of windows over looking the sea of twinkling street lights below. I positioned her face first up against the window and without warning, firmly grasped between her legs and gripped tightly. I stayed there for a moment then without saying anything, slowly guided my tongue from her shoulder up to her ear… Literally nothing else matters when I'm in these moments, it's like being in another world. This is when I create, this is when I'm in the studio, this is when I call my life mine, I create exactly what I want and I own it completely. I've found this place within my sex life and my art that's so different but at the same time, exactly the same. My appetite for sex has cost me a lot but it's taught me lessons that I could only learn through those hardship's. Sex is art, this is where I started being creative. I was never a footy or cricket guy, this was my creative outlet and I've pushed it just as far as I've pushed my art. Good news is, I'll never stop pushing either 😈 #gypsywhereyouat #happyfriday @sallymustang

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Mitch Gobel e Sally Mustang são um casal australiano de artistas e decidiram abordar de forma mais aberta a vida sexual.

Partilham imagens reveladoras e encorajam todas as pessoas a discutir abertamente sobre o sexo.

Contam já com 119 mil seguidores na conta de Instagram e não se envergonham das fotografias que publicam.

No entanto, a natureza de algumas publicações recentes  fizeram com que a conta fosse reportada.

Confirme na galeria de fotografias acima a forma como estes artistas abordam o tema do sexo.


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Faced down on the bed, with her hands tied behind her back. Legs wide open, her ankles tied to the corner footings of the bed frame. I slowly but firmly put the weight of my body down on hers, whispered into her ear and told her 'if you make any noise, or move even just a little, I'm going to stop'. As a reply she gave me a subtle 'mhmm' and with that it was like her body was paralysed. She was so focused on laying still that she even slowed down her breathing. I slowly moved back down towards her thighs and continued gently teasing… This has always been one of my favourite games 😈 It was always hard for me to be comfortable expressing myself like this sexually. Confidence slowly built with more steady relationships and I realised the power I had within my mind and through my words in bed. Similar principles apply to my art. As an artist in such a competitive industry, how you present and talk about your work is just as important as the art itself. I had to learn to be comfortable taking not only about what my work meant to me, but even bigger than that – my ambition. Being confident in using my words and trusting my instincts, is what I owe a lot of my success to. In the studio and in bed.

Uma foto publicada por Mitch Gobel Resin Art (@mitchgobel_resinart) a

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